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Custom Engineered Color Concentrates for the plastic Manufacturing Industry

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                                        Quality That Goes Beyond Product

Our reputation is founded on exceeding the highest expectations for total customer satisfaction with quality control measures that are unparalleled in the industry. Only premium materials are used in the manufacturing process and the performance of our product is guaranteed. Hudson Color Concentrates is ISO 9001:2008 certified (view certificate), offering colorants formulated to meet the highest approval standards and regulatory requirements including: FDA, CONEG / Heavy Metal Free concentrates to meet environmental standards, UL standards and EPA compliance standards.

We meet your quality requirements using,
 o Specified formula ingredients for your end product  application
 o QUV Testing
 o Press Outs
 o Melt Flow Index
 o Frequent testing to ensure lot-to-lot batch consistency
 o Spectrophotometer readings for precise and extreme color accuracies
 o Prime resins, pigments and additives
 o Regularly calibrated equipment throughout the manufacturing process
 o Leistriz twin-screw extruders to ensure high dispersion

 Standard Colors
  Custom Colors