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Custom Engineered Color Concentrates for the plastic Manufacturing Industry

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 Supreme Quality And Performance Comes From Superior Process Technology

Working with Hudson Color can enhance the quality and profitability of your projects. We offer the resources, technology and equipment to color match any thermoplastic resin, producing colorants with precise accuracy and exceptional lot-to-lot consistency. Our process and additive technology disperse the pigment in three stages: First, high intensity mixing homogenizes all ingredients, beginning the process of softening up or wetting out the pigment. The same mixing then begins to reduce the particle size and incorporate the color into the resin. Finally, high shear twin extruders mix plasticates and grind the pigment particles even further for optimum dispersion. By maximizing the pigment dispersions of our color concentrates we can: increase the masstone strength of a color by up to 20%; reduce the pigment particle size up to 50%; and, above all, improve the physical properties of your final products.

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